• Brewing coffee with the Hario V60

We're working on something completely new which will help you all brew great coffee really easily using different brewers but in the meantime here is a quick iPhone video time-lapse showing you how we use the Hario V60 to brew coffee in our coffee shop. Occasionally we'll use different recipes but this is always the one that we go back to. 

One thing we always tell people who ask us questions about this stuff is that you need to try to keep it as simple as you can. Fancy gear is nice to have but you really don't need much to brew great coffee at home. Most important thing is to weigh everything (kitchen scales are fine for this) and use a timer. 

When you follow our recipes, we will suggest how much coffee you should use and we'll tell you how long it takes the water to run through the coffee when we're brewing with that particular bean. This is the time from the start of your pour until you can no longer see any water on the surface of the coffee. 

Brew times help you to get your grinder dialled in. If you find that your water is running through much faster than the target time, then grind finer to slow down the flow through the coffee. If your brew is taking longer, then grind coarser to speed everything up a bit and that's it! 

Bear in mind that the water and grinder you are using will have an impact so think of recipes as a great way of getting close to a great brew - you'll probably need to tweak a little bit to suit your own taste buds. 

As always folks, Happy Brewing!