• Brewing coffee with the IMS Aeropress metal mesh filter

It's pretty rare for us to come across brew gear that we get really excited about but it has definitely happened here.  

We've used products from IMS a lot in the past as they make really good precision shower screens for espresso machines and they've now put all that knowledge and experience into making this metal mesh filter for the Aeropress. 

There are obvious and less obvious benefits to using a metal filter for brewing. Of course, it is re-usable - which means there are financial benefits long term and its better for the environment too. There is no need to rinse this filter before brewing either, so everything is a bit quicker and less hassle. 

The bit we've been getting most excited about though is the difference that you'll find in your cup. Downsides? - yeah, you do get a bit a bit more silt in the bottom of your cup but this is more than offset by the astonishing clarity you get when comparing your brews to those made with paper filters. The acidity tends to be presented in a more pleasing, rounded way and the mouthfeel takes on a silky quality that we just love. 

We've started using these in the coffee shop for all our Aeropress brewing and we've designed a recipe accordingly. Check it out below and see what you think. 

1. Use inverted Aeropress method. 

2. Dose 14-15g of coffee, ground about the same size as you would for pour-over. Tare your scales.

3. Heat water to 85 degrees. 

4. Start a timer and add 40-50g water. Stir vigorously for 20 seconds. 

5.Top up the water to make a total of 250g. 

6. At 3 minutes, plunge. Take care, there is less resistance than when using a paper filter. 

That's it! - super simple. Theres no need to pre-heat or rinse anything. Just rinse your filter after use. 

As always, let us know what you think ion the comments below, or post your own recipe. If you'd like to buy one of these filters, just click here. Happy Brewing!