• New recyclable coffee bags and boxes.

We've been thinking about how we can be more eco-friendly. You may have noticed that we are now wrapping our orders using recycled brown paper - which has also provided great protection for beans on their travels. It's a small thing I know. 

All our coffee bags are now fully recyclable. Most coffee bags currently being used have a metal layer which makes recycling them difficult and expensive. In fact, we have previously paid a specialist company to do this work for us - but this relied on people getting the bags back to us. We've decided to go down the recyclable route after considering compostable bags but given that most of this kind of (compostable) packaging ends up in landfill, we've decided that the recyclable option is likely to make the most impact.

We've had a few questions about the bags so below are the answers to the most common ones.

What are they made of? 

It's called low-density polyethylene and it's the stuff that carrier bags are made from.

How do I recycle it? 

Some local authorities collect it from the kerbside but many don't. You may need to make a trip to a local supermarket or recycling centre. You can find out what is available in your local area using this excellent website (click here). 

What is the recycling code for the bags? 

It's this one...

What about the boxes?

If you buy our coffee from a coffee shop, deli, or from our counter at Cutlery Works, you'll be buying our new coffee boxes. They are made from fully recyclable card.

The inner material is called NatureFlex® - a home compostable material that is made from wood pulp. Check with your local authority to see whether they collect this material. If not, we'd recommend composting it at home. Home composting is really easy and there are a tonne of resources out there to help you do a good job, like this leaflet from our own local authority.