• You think you can do better?

Well, here is your chance to prove it! - we’re super excited to announce that you can now buy our coffee beans in their raw, unroasted state. Remember, these beans are the cream of the crop, we took a lot of time sourcing them and we’re thrilled to give you the opportunity to roast them yourself at home.

Now, roasting coffee isn’t easy. There’s not a lot of specific detail we can share with you that’s going to be massive helpful as there are so many approaches to take, influenced hugely by the equipment that you are using and the results that you are chasing. Maybe you want to go much darker than we do, or you want to experiment with some light, Scandinavian style profiles - the choice is yours. 

There are some good resources out there. We’d suggest starting with the guys over at UK Coffee Forum, always a fantastic way to advance your coffee learning journey. Still, we have a couple of tips that will help you get started with good habits: 

  • Log everything! - take notes or use tech to monitor as much as you can. Weigh things, use timers and thermometers.
  • Use your data to plan your next roast. What would you like to change about the roast you did previously?
  • Try to give your coffee at least a few days rest before testing it. Coffee changes a lot in the first few days after roasting.
  • Aim for the optimum balance between flavour and solubility. 

Remember that there are many paths to the right result. Figuring this stuff out on your own setup is essentially the joy of roasting coffee. 

We roast our beans how we think they taste best and now you can do the same! - best of luck on your home roasting adventures.