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New coffee from Dambi Udo

New coffee from Dambi Udo

I'm sure, like us, you were sad to see the end of our Dambi Udo, a stunning natural Ethiopian coffee which went down extremely well this year. Hopefully it'll make you feel happy again to know that we have just released a brand new coffee from the same washing station. This one is called Daannisa and it's different but just as delicious. 

When I first tasted this coffee, I was surprised to find a really unusual liquorice note in there. It was more subtly fruity than the fruit bombs we usually see from this part of the world. It has a fabulous finish too, which reminds us of black tea and of course there is also a lovely soft blueberry note, just in case you needed reminding that this coffee is from the Guji region. 

It's always such a thrill for me to find something that's just a bit different and there is just something about this coffee that makes it compelling. I really have been drinking little else for the past couple of weeks. 

Now on sale (you can find it here). Can't wait to hear what you think.