Meet Magdalena


Magdalena brewing coffee.


I’m Magdalena, my coffee journey started about 5 years ago when I tried my first V60 from Burundi, I totally fell in love with its smooth texture, delicate body and a gentle chamomile-like taste. Since then I’ve been exploring different ways of brewing coffee and learning the science behind these cups of black liquid heaven.

I always thought about my dream job as something that I will be able to challenge myself but also be excited about. I am passionate about all kinds of aromas and flavours, I am constantly exploring the industry, looking for new origins and innovations to brew methods to get the most out of my coffee.

In 2018 I decided to take the next step in my journey and get qualified. I completed SCA Barista Skills and SCA Brewing modules within a year. This year was super intense as I was working in a flourishing coffee company, but I had great support there and great opportunities to grow. As Head of Coffee I was responsible for developing the skills of all the baristas within three coffee shops.

Although my coffee journey is not the longest out there, it is definitely super intense and filled with hard work and passion. After becoming an accredited SCA trainer, I moved to Sheffield and began working with Foundry. I’m excited to help launch their own specially developed training courses alongside the SCA courses which are seen as the industry standard. If you would like to know more about our courses, feel free to get in touch - I’ll be happy to help and I hope to see you soon! 

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