• How We Use The Aeropress.

The Aeropress is one of those simple pieces of equipment that has the potential to really open up the world of specialty coffee to everyone, including absolute beginners.

Now, the Aeropress is not a good option for espresso despite the claims of the manufacturers. What it does do brilliantly well though is brew high quality, single origin beans to make really great filter coffee.

So, here’s what you’ll need:

A kettle, grinder, Aeropress, some kitchen scales, a thermometer (not essential) and a stopwatch/timer.

  • Weigh out your coffee beans according to the recipe that you are using. We find ourselves almost always using between 14-15g of beans. 
  • Stand the Aeropress, ‘upside-down’ on it’s plunger, on your scales. The two parts of the Aeropress should be connected so that the whole thing is stable but whilst maximising the room in the brew chamber, the rubber part only needs to be a centimetre or so into the other half.
  • Place a rinsed filter paper in the Aeropress filter cap. Even better, use a metal filter and skip the rinsing altogether.  
  • Ours is a fast brewing process, so we use water at around 97-98 degrees. It's fine to use the water as soon as your kettle boils, by the time it hits your coffee, the temperature will be fine for brewing. Start your kettle. 
  • Now grind your coffee. This is the bit you where you need to experiment and find the right grind size to extract the coffee well, it can vary a fair bit from bean to bean.
  • Turn on your scales and ensure they are zeroed with the upturned Aeropress on. Now add the dose, for us it's usually 15g.
  • As soon as your water has boiled, start your timer and make the first pour. Fill the chamber just less than half full of water and then stir like a champ for a good 10-15 seconds.
  • At 30 seconds, add the rest of the water until you get to 250g on your scales, then give it one more stir. Screw on the cap and gently push down on the Aeropress to eliminate any air between the lid and the surface of the coffee. Stop pushing as the liquid appears through the holes.
  • At 1 minute and 10 seconds, whilst holding one part of the Aeropress in each hand, slowly flip it upside-down and place it onto the top of your mug, giving the coffee a couple of seconds to settle.
  • At 1 minute and 15 seconds, take 15 seconds to steadily plunge the coffee into the cup, being careful to leave little water in the Aeropress, i.e. stop before you hear the hissing noise.

That's it. 

It’s actually a really simple method and easy to get used to - you’ll soon be tweaking and trying new things out. I find that this method gives you a really sound basis to work from. Different coffees will extract better at different grind sizes – so feel free to experiment. If the coffee needs more intensity of flavour, make the grind finer, if you’re experiencing bitterness, make it coarser.

Good luck, I hope you enjoy your coffee.


oh, and if you need an Aeropress, we have them here