• Clever Dripper Brew Guide

Here is our brew guide for the fabulous Clever Dripper. 

  1. Place your filter in the Clever and rinse with hot water. After a short while, dispense the water into your brewing container to get everything nice and warm.
  2. Use water that is around 92 degrees for the best brewing results. 
  3. Add 15g of course ground coffee to your Clever. We're currently using 33 clicks on the Comandante C40
  4. Start your timer and pour 270g water in the first 25-30 seconds. 
  5. Cover the Clever with the lid. 
  6. At 2 minutes, remove the lid, break the crust and stir gently three times, the last stir being close to the edge - this will help bring all the grounds into play. 
  7. Place your Clever onto your brewing vessel. 
  8. The draw down will usually take between 1 and 2 minutes so the total brew time could be up to 4 - 4.5 minutes. 
  9. If the draw down time takes too long, use a coarser setting, too quick? - go finer. 
  10. Enjoy.

More of a visual person? - check out this brew guide video: 


by Magdalena