• Wilfa Brew Guide

This one is the simplest brew guide out there, which says a lot about this great drip brewer. Here is my current routine for brewing coffee most mornings at home. 

  1. Pour 500ml of filtered water into the water reservoir.
  2. Place a filter paper inside the brewing chamber. 
  3. Grind 30g of coffee on a medium coarse setting, I'm currently at between 28-30 clicks on the Comandante C40
  4. Add the coffee to the filter paper. 
  5. Ensure the anti-drip valve is in the open position. 
  6. Press the button. 
  7. Enjoy

That's it. If you need a bit more flavour, grind a bit finer. If you're picking up too much flavour, or a dry finish, grind a bit coarser. 

Here is a quick video of Magdalena showing you how simple this machine is to use: