• Clever Dripper Review

Magdalena here. In today’s post I would like to introduce to you the Clever Dripper.

The Clever Dripper is a great tool both for those who just started their home brewing journey and for those who like full bodied filter coffee and want a better brew consistency.

The Clever Dripper is in many ways the best of both worlds: immersion and drip brewing. It’s made of a BPA free plastic and it is super easy to maintain and clean.

The clever mechanism of a shut-off valve design allows you to immerse coffee with water and hold it for a desired extraction time. When the Clever Dripper is placed on a mug, the valve will open and gravity will do its job..

You only need a dripper, paper filters, freshly ground coffee and any type of a kettle (no gooseneck kettle required like for other pourover brewing methods). It’s made of the best food grade heat resistance plastic and it’s light, so you can travel with it without significant addition to the weight of your luggage.

The paper filters are widely available in bigger supermarkets and online stores too.

In the box you will also find a lid which will help you to keep the brew temperature under control.

As an interesting aside, we also have the possibility of brewing with it as you would with a drip device. Simply place the clever dripper on the mug before pouring water - this will open the valve and allow you to pour the water through the coffee bed instead of coffee grounds being first immersed with water.

In our opinion its design is pretty simple and although not the most elegant design, like the one of a Chemex or a V60 dripper, it is very sturdy and functional.

As with an Aeropress you can only brew a small amount of coffee, enough for one person, so we wouldn’t recommend it for a coffee party with your friends.

Despite the aesthetic design and the quantity of the brew, the Clever Dripper gives you a rich body as like from a French Press but a sediment-free quality of a V60. While is not very flexible on the experimental side of brewing it will definitely give you more consistency and a good chance of brewing more repeatable cups of coffee.

We don’t sell the Clever Dripper ourselves but we do like it, a lot. So much so that we now do most of our manual brewing in the coffee shop with it. Wanna know how we use it? You can find our brew guide here

by Magdalena