• Faithful friend or social butterfly?

It's ok, you can be both. 


As you probably know by now (but there’s more info here), we assign each of our coffees as either ‘Comfort’ or ‘Adventure’, just to give you a rough idea about what you can expect as far as flavour notes go. The observant amongst you may have also noticed that each of our coffees are now also designated as either ‘Regulars’ or ‘Guests’. 


Regulars are beans that have been so popular with our customers in the past that we try to buy enough to last us the whole year through. Perfect for those of you that like to have a staple; a reliable old friend who may well have a few quirks but who is thoroughly dependable and always there when you need them. We’ll include one ‘Comfort’ regular, one ‘Adventure’ regular and a decaf regular. Check out our regulars here. 


‘Guests’ on the other hand are more fleeting visitors. We love to have guests around but they don’t plan on staying forever, they tend to be around for a few months at a time. They might make a bit of a mess of the house but they’ll be a lot of fun. It may be that these beans are from tiny micro-lots and there simply isn’t enough to last more than a few months or maybe we want to showcase several different varieties from a particular harvest. Having a more rapidly rotating part of our collection allows us to present you with the freshest and most exciting beans we can. If you’d like to meet our current guests, just click here.


If you sign up to our newsletter, we’ll let you know whenever we have new coffee or when we think that a particular bean won’t be around for more than another month or so to try to help ensure you don’t miss out.