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So, here we are - the final part of our Colombia trilogy and we've got a real treat for you. This is truly exceptional coffee and may be quite different to the coffee you have had from Colombia in the past. We're talking rare varietal, exacting processing standards and an incredible flavour profile. 

In the cup, you can expect a fruity, floral explosion of flavour. We get intense notes of cacao and rose, along with tropical fruits and a sweet honey body that really pulls everything together. There's something almost magical about this coffee - you're going to love it. 

Origin:  Gaitania, Tolima, Colombia

Varietals: San Bernardo.

Processing: Natural

Q Score: 88 (what's this?)

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This coffee has been grown by Emanuel Encizo. San Bernardo is a naturally occurring dwarf mutation of Typica originating in Guatemala and is extremely rare in Colombia. The yields from these trees are low and they are also susceptible to leaf rust but when everything goes well, the taste profiles can be incredible.  

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Customer Reviews

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Rebecca C
Tremendous Tasty Coffee

An amazing coffee. I'm not good at describing tastes - all I can say is this one smells and tastes delicious. One of my top 3 absolute favourites.


This is the best coffee we've had from here and we've had some really good ones. It's got a great mouth feel and taste. If you haven't tried this yet make sure you do you won't regret it.


Truly fantastic coffee. Much closer to a funky Ethiopian coffee than anything I have had from Columbia previously. I like this so much that I delayed writing a review so that I could order more before it runs out...

Mark David
Fantastic coffee

By far my favourite coffee from Foundry so far and they have all been superb.

Jason Alawo

Incredible... befinitely up there with some of my all time favourite coffees.
I opened the bag this morning and the aromas told me instantly this was a good one.
Drinking this as espresso and in a flat white, and the tasting notes are spot on and much more distinct/pronounced than usual.
You'll also need to grind quite a lot finer than usual.